New Forest Haylage

For many years people have debated on the fact of substitution hay for haylage.

Hay needs around 4-5 days to make a good quality bale. were you can make the same quality of haylage in about 48 hours.

Feeding dusty and mouldy hay can cause your horse to have respiratory problems. This would lead you to soak the hay in water for around 20 minutes to make it dust free.

Haylage is baled at the exact moisture content to take out any chance of dust and the forming of mould. Our haylage is packed in approximately 20kilo bags and if not punctured can be left outside in all weathers.

In haylage the higher the moisture content the lower the fibre, energy and protein levels. If to say your haylage was 50-60 percent DM the haylage would have to be fed at a much higher quantity, our haylage is 60-70 percent dry matter.

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New Forest Haylage New Forest Haylage

Benefits of Feeding NFQF Haylage
Superior haylage made specifically for horses and ponies using thirty years of experience and knowledge in haylage making.
Consistent quality with full nutrient analysis often lacking from other suppliers.
Local supplier committed to meeting the needs of equestrian yards in the New Forest area.
Dust free – No molds or fungal spores.

NFQF haylage is made from four different types of hybrid grasses on a two year rotation, providing high-fibre levels with medium energy and protein levels ideal for most horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work.

NFQF cut grass in June after seed heads have formed ensuring higher levels of fibre to help maintain the horses’s gut function and stop horses craving fiber which sometimes occurs when feeding haylage that has been cut too early.

NFQF cut the grass early in the morning when sugar levels are lower, and although some sugar is needed for fermentation, this reduces total sugar levels in the end product. This makes it ideal for horses with metabolic problems requiring low sugar forage.

NFQF leave the grass to wilt to around 60-70% Dry Matter (30-40% Moisture). This takes 1-2 days in good drying weather in the south coast sunshine and therefore is not so reliant on the long periods of dry sunny weather needed to make hay. Wilting is then followed by collection, compression, wrapping and baling.

Thorough fermentation then takes place over about 12 weeks, pickling the grass, conserving nutrients and stabilizing the haylage crop.

NFQF provide a full nutritional and hygienic quality analysis of their haylage, ensuring consistency and quality of the end product.

NFQF aim to produce a top quality, consistent product specifically made for horses without any additives. Fermentation preserves the grass and stops development of molds and fungi. Haylage is therefore ideal for the nutritional maintenance of horses prone to COPD.

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